Thursday, June 28, 2007

My New Companion!

I recently got my first junior companion. His name is Elder Prieto and he is from Uruguay.We meet up and were given our new companionships. Here are a few photos! Sorry the first one is on it's side!

I was
goign to play a trick on him with some fake beer, but i thought i would make
it easy on him and just had a member get mad at him. What we did was decide
to knock doors and we knocked a member´s house. They took down all their
pictures and the mom let us in. We made the small talk but the hermano ´got
angry´ and said how he didn't want us there. The kids too all acted angry.
Then after about 5 minutes they brought in their baptismal picture and gave
him a nice little welcome. It was alright. So my companion, if anyone has
seen talladega nights, he looks, talks, and acts just like the French race
car driver.